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With autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 1, adrenal insufficiency, candidiasis of the skin and mucous membranes, hypoparathyroidism are noted; autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 2 occurs with the development of adrenal insufficiency, hyper- or hypothyroidism, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, primary hypogonadism, myasthenia gravis, steatorrhea, and other disorders. Diagnosis includes the determination of a set of laboratory parameters (biochemical analysis, blood and urine hormones), ultrasound and CT of Flexeril glands, ultrasound of the thyroid gland. Treatment of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome requires hormone replacement therapy (corticosteroids and mineralocorticoids, L-thyroxine).

The most common variant of autoimmune multiple endocrinopathy is type 2 autoimmune polyglandular syndrome, which develops in adults (over 20-30 years old); women predominate among the patients. The components of APGS-2 are adrenal insufficiency, type 1 diabetes mellitus, autoimmune damage to the thyroid gland by the type of Cyclobenzaprine drug hypothyroidism or thyrotoxicosis. In addition to endocrine disorders, autoimmune polyglandular syndrome types 1 and 2 are accompanied by other organ-specific manifestations.